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November 18 – November 24: Fall in Jersey City!

The title might be slightly misleading as it seems we had approximately two days of fall before the cold came over Jersey City! Nonetheless, there are many things to fall- in with (we know that’s a tired phrase but couldn’t help it) this week in...

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This Week in the HDSID: December 17 – December 23

We are almost at the end of our HDSID event season. The Holiday Market and the Farmer's Market are both wrapping up this week but don't despair! The district is still having a great variety of events and before you know it, spring time will...

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This Week in the HDSID: June 12 – June 18

Happy Father's Day from the HDSID! Don’t forget about Father’s Day this week! But if you kinda did, luckily for you the HDSID has you covered with many great activities and ideas to treat your Pops on his special day! Massage: Spa days aren’t only for mothers! Check...

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