Show Gratitude to Yourself - This Week In The HDSID
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Show Gratitude to Yourself

November is a time to “give thanks” for all of the wonderful blessings that we might take for granted when we are busy “adulting” in our daily lives. One thing that we often do not recognize is how that lack of appreciation also pertains to ourselves! It is important to stop & honor our own minds & bodies to help sustain the drive & motivation it takes to just get us through the week. This week’s blog is dedicated to HEALTH, WELLNESS, & taking  care of ourselves. Here we are highlighting all the best in the district on how to honor ourselves to stay sane throughout the fun, yet demanding holiday season.  


Brennan’s Florist says, “Cultivate a heart of thankfulness”

Nature’s House

This hidden gem is no frills, but do not under estimate this powerhouse of health! This place is filled with holistic health alternatives including vitamins, herbs, supplement powders, teas, honey, oils, organic odds & ends, & everything to help keep you healthy during the most germ ridden season. They also definitely have the most affordable smoothies & fresh pressed, green juices & in town at just $5 each! The couple that owns the store is warm & friendly & will happily recommend customized remedies. 159 Newark Ave


TCM Health Center- Dr. Weiping Li

Dr. Li is a special doctor that takes a holistic approach to healing but is trained in both Chinese & Western medicine with over 20 years of clinical experience. Therapies offered include acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, cupping, Chinese herbal treatments, & nutritional therapy.  293 Grove Street, Acupuncture $55 Tuesday, Friday, & Sunday, All other therapies available 7 days a week, Call for an appointment (201) 915-0710

chinese tea herbs

Brian P. Corrigan- Chiropractor

For quick convenience, there is a simple yet effective walk in, no appointment needed, first come, first serve approach . After signing in, the doctor does a quick consultation with each patient before diagnosing then adjusting you to your specific needs. Average appointment time is 15-20 minutes. The doctor is popular, so please give yourself extra wait time. 166 Newark Ave, Morning & afternoon hours, Closed Thursday & Sunday, $20 first visit, $15 after

back blk wht.jpg

Knead Massage

These fully customized, holistic massages are done with handmade, 100% organic massage oils made from grapeseed & hemp. All types of massage are offered by expert therapists including Swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral, prenatal, couples, & even assisted stretching. 521 Jersey Ave, 30 min- 2.5 hr treatments, 30 min $60, 90 min $165, Lymphatic Drainage $60-$85, Cupping $60, Book an appointment here.

Knead Sound Meditation

Knead Massage Binaural Sound Meditation by Ceallaigh

Yoga Shunya

Come experience compassionate teaching with attention to healthy alignment. There are 90 minute classes, 7 days a week in Level 1-2 Hatha yoga, restorative, prenatal, as well as mindfulness meditation. Acupuncture, Reiki, & massage appointments are also available. 275 Grove St 3rd floor, Drop in class $18, 5 class card valid for 6 weeks $75, One month unlimited $145

yoga shunya

Maximum Motion Fitness- Yoga & Fitness Center

This gorgeous space is your one stop answer to keeping fit while all of the holiday treats are around. Personalized personal training, Dharma yoga, pilates, Zumba, & all types of group training classes are offered throughout the week. 262 Grove Street, Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-2pm, One Month of Unlimited Classes & Gym $99 until Jan 1st- Sign up here.

MMF Dharma yoga

JC Taekwondo Kickboxing Academy

This is real Martial Arts training for kids age 3 & up, teens, & adults. The focus of these specialized classes is that people are different, & they way that they learn is individualized. Whether age 3 or 103, martial arts helps motivate, instill discipline & respect, & encourages growth physically & mentally. 150 Newark Ave *Classes 7 days a week, View schedule here.


Holiday Market_2017_3

Holiday Market at Grove Street December 18th & 21st

We are still seeking vendors for our Holiday Artist Maker Market in conjunction with our Farmer’s Market on Monday, December 18th & Thursday, December 21st. If you sell one of kind, crafty items that would make great holiday gifts, fill out the application HERE.




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